Sunday, October 19, 2014

Navigationally Challenged

From those who've made it we keep hearing "follow your passion",  "live to inspire", "be the change that you want to see" and a lot of other things that would just make you gag if you saw it printed in a shirt.

I find myself relevant and satisfied in where I am and what I do. Yet I still am longing for the freedom to widen my circle of influence, to find a venue to inspire others that are currently not within grasp, to try and make a difference for those who do not work for or with me.

A question that comes up, specifically in third world states - there are very few opportunities, too little in the manner of resources,  and too much of apathy.  People desperately trying to survive will ensure food before existentialism.  Exist first, philosophy is for a full stomach.

But what I've found in the course of my life is that people will still listen.  There are still those who search for some more even in the middle of hopelessness.  That there might be a way to elevate oneself against the tides of a life chained to poverty.

In that context I'll continue to try. To find those who'll listen.  And continue to teach.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Potato Salad Interlude

In dreary gloomy mornings I used to thrive.  I look back amd wonder now. It must be the will to keep the magic alive for my younger kids that pushes me to find the silver lining in the bleakest of days.

Hence whilst in a morning perfect for the morose before it became fashionable as EMO, I, I mean we - are having perk me up breakfasts.

So funny where life leads you.

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Monday, October 06, 2014

One More of Those Argh! Days

And I go back to validating why the blogs name has remained as it is for quite a number of years. See, the year started out with a lot of hulabaloo based on the Chinese calendar, with people born on the year of the rabbit (1975) supposedly having a break out second in 2014.

Well.....yeah...In a way.

I'm having a breakout year in some fronts, but it's sapping the living bejesus out of certain areas - making it feel like it's a perpetual charley horse on some days.

Today all our iPhones went to that palace in the sky. Oh, we'll likely buy another set, but really? Most folks get to sell off their clunkers. I on the other hand...

But, as people will say here, "a lot of Samsung lovers say they're Android folks because they can't afford iPhones and the cost of apps in the iTunes store. Not to mention paid music and movies. So you're a little, well you know melodramatic."

Then again, wouldn't you want to eat your cake while you have it too?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hanamaruken Ramen @ TriNoma Mall

Before the bug really hit the country, my current foodie of a boss said as an aside "There's this new authentic Ramen house near your place. You should check it out one of these days."

It got buried somewhere in between purchasing a PS4 console and that Apple TV unit I was drooling about; with a toddler and an infant, who in their right Malay mind would want to go to a Ramen house for crying out loud?! I had visions of screaming children asking for their milk, and chopsticks embedded in eyeballs or some such orifice. Nosiree Boss Bob, this brown man ain't takin' his ass anywhere near a noodle house.

But fate has a funny way of sending you to where you said you wouldn't go. About a month ago, my better half (well I'm the better half, I'm just trying to be polite) decided to go Duke Nukem with the budget while we were at the TriNoma mall, which was completely understandable as we were both frayed and harassed. She wanted to have a treat, and try something new as well. We ended up hightailing it to Hanamaruken.

Admittedly, I was a little taken aback with the space as it was visible while we were approaching. I had two little kids with me, and one of them at the stage where the world is a playground. I was thinking spilled soup and bothered guests. The place looks cramped lemme tell you. Being inside is another matter altogether. There was some elbow room, much more than I thought, and there were families inside having their lunch, most with toddlers in tow. So ok, that's one fear checked out.

Without the comfort of being able to peruse the menu, we ordered two of their signature Ramen, two sodas and an order of Gyoza. We were informed that there were limited plates only for each of the items on the menu, which I thought was both impressive and nice. There should be some attention to detail here. I was not mistaken. The Ramen looked authentic, and beside our wide eyed gushes, smiles and those familiar small nods readable to couples only, the taste was authentic too. I'd strongly recommend it to those looking to recapture memories of visits to Japan, or maybe just a simple authentic culinary experience.

Service was great, as well as the staff. There were some celebs present, but the staff made sure all the patrons were taken cared of. The only black mark, was getting the bill, which took better than thirty minutes. Not that I really mind, but if you have kids in tow, and need some urgency before their attention span expires, you'd need some chop chop, capisce? The whole shebang set her and our budget back by fifteen hundred pesos.

Can be a date place as a stretch, but you may find your Casanova moves a little hampered by children. THREE STARS.

As an exchange for my meal, I was made to promise to write about it, as my muse insists on me writing again at all cost. I'm keeping the promise, and writing this while my infant son tries to suck on my leg, and my toddler daughter is using my right palm as a headrest. Anyway, check out Hanamaruken's Facebook page:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nescafé as a Barometer

If memory serves me right, and by the bye I am not rocking chair material yet (not for a couple of decades thank you very f&$king much). I took a gamble on this purchase three years ago. At PHP 14.35 it looked like a fine deal (yessiree Bob shake yer hand on it) as you get a couple of sips of fine roast, enough to give you a kick, but in a small enough serving to prevent palpitations and that unflattering acidic feeling in the pit of yer tummy that you call, well, yer tummy.

Fast forward to the last payday and grocery run. I've been studiously avoiding taking a good gander at the tag prices and opting instead to bug the living bejesus out of my sweet wife about her budgeting skills, in the effort to prevent myself from blowing a gasket. In this world where fathers are thankless beasts of burden and labor, I decided to go frig the man and give myself a treat. I plunge my hand inside that refrigerated gondola right and come up with my ten minutes of caffeine pleasure. No wait. What? Are you effing kidding me? Twenty two pesos!? I rounded it off to twenty three and just about went into an epileptic seizure.

That's 50% percent inflation smacking you right in the kisser Boss Joe-say can you see in the dawn's early light! Now say you're a top dog in a company full of alphas. That'd still only be 30% annual increases in three years aggregate! How in the world are you going to even get ahead unless you steal the people's taxes?! Wait, back up. That's another thing altogether. What I mean is, with how the taxes are, and how fast inflation, or maybe how the government is unable to curb prices, how can you even keep living a respectable lifestyle? Chew on that for your "positive thoughts for the day". Because baby we are positively getting screwed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cold Bony Fingers

There are early mornings when the walls are thin, and what or whomever is there on the others side are near enough to touch our minds.

It's the icy finger that traces a frozen line across your heart, whispering to you, reminding you of your fleeting time in this mortal coil. It's a slithering wet sound in the pool of darkness fighting the gathering light.

A reminder of our finite drawn breaths. And how small we really are in the scheme of things.

I usually shiver a lot on those days. Maybe you can tell me if you feel the same when that happens to you. See I told them to go and visit you next.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

There Goes the Dream of a "Seamless" Integration of Gadgets and the Internet

So. After the hiatus I tentatively step into my old stomping grounds. The veritable multi platform Multiply is now an eBay sort of place. Livejournal is somewhat deserted, the writer forums of old have since been waylaid by Facebook. We'll come to think of it all of them were.

Yahoo is forcing Flickr users to work with Tumblr and has pulled out support for Google's Blogger. Meanwhile I have to get everything linked up to Google + to have photos and pages work together.

I haven't started with my iOS yet which tries to force me to abandon all of it in favor of Apple supported platforms.

For someone who just wanted to write and have an easy way to share content, this IPO and digital battles are getting so messed up.

I want the choices inside a one stop shop. I hope we get these companies to stop pushing us towards a funnel.